100 word challenge Week 20

One day a metal man was talking to a guy his name Steve but the metal man did not know Steve was an under cover spy. The metal man asked what do you do for a job when suddenly Steve shouted ” YOU WANT TO KNOW WELL YOU CAN’T,” So the metal man said”ok,” so Steve  walk up to the metal man and grapes and dragged him in a place to get your hair cut put him on a chair and confronted him of a crime of a broken chair and then Steve woke up. Oh men a dream.

The End


All about this week!

On Monday 9/5/2016

My class had chinse and learnt kung fu it was super fun. After lunch we did a project about the platypus we had 50minutes to finish our project.

On Tuesday 10/5/2016

My class did a really cool maths project. We also had P.E it was soccer we did some dribbling chest and head shots, shot some goals we took it in terns as goal keeper. After that the class had technology and spend time on our blogs we wrote some comments to other peoples blogs. The grade 5s did the naplan writing and luggage tests.

On Wednesday 11/5/2016

Our class did the reading naplan test. We played kick the can for a little bit it was so fun I got a cut and had dirt on me because I jump in a bush which was fun. Our class had music all we did was play games and wrote some stuff on our blogs I did two posts on it.

On Thursday 12/5/2016

Our grade 5s had the maths naplan test I reckon it is the best one out of all. After that we had maths it was the same task so it was really fun. Then we had P.E our class played number soccer I was number 10. Then we did a project about two things I was working with Jack we made a booklet we did it about a platypus and the poison dart frog.

On Friday 13/5.2016

In the morning the 8,9.10 year olds left for cross country. while the rest of as did art it was fun because it was ink work. Then there was snack after that I left for cross country when my race came up I got ready we had to run 3000km when I got to the end of the race I came 66th out of  a heap of kids. When my group got back we had assembly some of our class got awards.

It was the best day ever.

School values


-Look after other people’s things

-Show manners

-Respect some when they are talking

-Dont’t get up when you are eating

-Respect someone’s emotive state

-Play by the rules in a game

-Don’t yell in someone’s face


-Try your best even if it is hard

-Try a game when your not the best

-Don’t give up

-When you fail a test, try even harder the next one


-Help your team in need

-Share with friends and not friends

-Share ideas with people


-Help clean up class room

-Don’t dig up the community ground


















”Hi what are you doing Max?” Asked Jack

”Nothing much just the old boring stuff,” said Max

”Why don’t you come to the park with me,” Asked Jack

So Jack and Max went to the park together and had so much fun.


”Help someone help the boat is sinking,” Cried James

”I will call for help for you James,” said Rohan

”Thanks a lot Rohan your the best,” said James

So Rohan went and got some help for James.