Concussion Campaign summary

In the episode of btn it said that having a concussion cause brain damage and that kids have a higher chance of getting a concussion the adults. A concussion is were you get hit in the head and your vision starts to get dark and you may not know what you are doing. People have suggested wearing head gear but experts say that the kids might get to conferdent and get hit in the head a bit to many times and that could lead to serious brain damage.


100 word challenge special week

At purple town everything is purple. One day a purple fly was buzzing around in town. The fly was going to the ice arena to eat other people’s food the fly would do this every year when it was the year of ice skating. When the fly flew in there were ice skaters and everywere the fly was frightened because he might get squashed so the fly hoped on someone’s shoulder and he waited.

30 minutes later

The ice skaters finished skating so the fly went outside and the sunshine was so bright the fly could’nt handle it so he died


My school holidays

On my school holidays I went to Buxton for a week. I stayed at my Nan and my Pa’s house. In that week I went to a friends house like every day but the friend I most in joyed was James’s I had to sleep overs. On the second sleep over we walked to my friends Larissa and Jessie when we were over there we watched scary videos. When we got back to James’s we played the wii u for about an hour. Then we got to have hot chocolate and roast mushmallows, after that we got to chop wood for the fire I chopped at least 26 pieces of wood in halfs and quarters. It was the best sleep over. The next day I went to Brian’s we had fun we had a couple of Yu Gi Oh duels then we played some down ball outside. Then we had to go back to Bendigo just before school started again.

On Sunday

My family had my dads best friend over his name was Anthoney, he is a go kart racer so we went to go see him race. After that we went shopping I had $25 to spend with that I brought the wii game wii sports and a Dvd. When we finished that we had ice- cream. When we got home I started to play my wii game when I started to play my younger brother Jethro, wanted to play as well but I said I brought the game with my own money so I own the game. Then we had dinner I made snags for every one. Then I watched the movie.

That is all about my holiday.

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