100 word challenge week 7#

I mark the ball then I kick over the other side of the field. Then I run to the goal square I get the ball I kick a goal the crowd cheers. The game is nearly over I kick the ball to the opperision they kick the ball down there side of the field they kick for goal but a the last second the seran goes we stere at the score board it doesn’t go on we cheer. The team  goes into a circle. The crowd cheers yeah, woo hoo yyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh. We’ve won the game the semi-final game.


The End

Driving from Queensland- Day 1

Today my family left from the caravan park. My family got breakfast at around 10.00am. Because we were still in N.S.W we didn’t stop driving till at least 3.00pm be that time my computer died so I started to play my 3DSxl. So far the day was so boring nothing really happened. After we had lunch in the town we started to drive again mum booked as in a motel it took us 3hours to get there. But when we did mum went to get the key but the computer booked as in for the 2/9/2016 which was stupid. So the guy said we had to go to the next town which was a hour away. By the time we got there it was 9.30pm we got a room they where really cool they had Foxtel which was good.

At Queensland- Day 2





Today was the day after the wedding I woke up at 7.30am even though the wedding went till 11.00pm. When we woke up we were going to go into the pool but had to leave because we have to be back home by Wednesday morning. But then dad got really sick and we had to stay till he was better. We went to my mums Auntie’s  room in the Motel. Because dad was sick we got to go to the pool after all. I did cannonballs and dive’s in the pool it was super fun. The problem was I had to do them in the freezing pool but it got fine after a couple of jumps.


We spend 5 hours at the pool area because mum’s auntie forgot to let us in the room. That was because we did not have a key to get in. When we got into the room dad was feeling heaps better so that was when we left the Motel. After that we had lunch at KFC. then we just kept driving until we got to Grafton, we stayed at the Glenwood caravan park.

Driving to Queensland- Day 2




Today my family and I left the Ibis Motel to continue our journey to Queensland. We left at 9.30am and didn’t stop driving for 2-3 hours we stop at a town called Dubbo. My family found a milk bar and opposite that was an Op shop. We first went to the op shop and the owner said ” Did you know cotton comes from branches and is grown the way you see it.” After that my family went to the milk bar and got sausage rolls and pies I had a sausage roll but when I ate half of it I realised they weren’t that good. We then got lunch 2 hours after that we brought supplies from Coles and made sandwich’s and sat at a open field. Then we kept going for about 3 hours during that time we crossed the Queensland border. After a couple more hours we stop to wake our legs. Half an hour after that we left and kept driving for 5-6 hour non- stop. That was a bit boring because my computer died and Jethro’s iPad died as well. So that was a bring 5-6 hours. Then my family and I had dinner at red rooster. We then just drove to the Currumbin Motel. When we got there we sore our nan and pa near the gate to get in. Then we got our stuff and walked to our room were on the top floor with is really annoying were the pool in at the lower floor. We went into our room and placed our stuff. Me and Jethro are in a room together.

At Queensland- Day 1- the Wedding

Today at Queensland my family woke up real early and at about 9 o’clockam me and Jethro wanted to go and hop in the pools. When we got there was a freezing pool a heated pool and a spa. When we got near the pools Zander threw a rock in the freezing pool so I had to go get it is also really deep. Once I got the rock out I hoped started into the heated pool. we were there for about an hour. After that all of my family had to get dressed when Jethro and I got dressed mum said we looked really cute for the wedding. Then we left we were sere post to get there at 2.00pm but we didn’t. I sore most of my cousins there.  About 15 mins after we arrived the ceremony began.  I was in the front row with my brothers. Paige and Jason then got married and that was the first wedding I ‘ve been to I think. The ceremony finished about an hour after it began. But when it finished I realised because I’m second cousins with Paige, Jason is now my second cousin is lar. When the kids got to go to the kids area the was a lolly bar were you take as many lollies as you won’t.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         There was also a bouncy castle and a popcorn man that gave you bags of popcorn. When the DJ started playing the music about an two hours after that I had my photo taken with Paige in it as well. There were also heaps of glow sticks. Then I went on the bus to the Motel with my Nan and Pa.

Driving to Queensland- Day 1




Today we started driving to Queensland. In the morning we had to leave at 8.ooam but we didn’t because I didn’t  get out of bed till 9.00am. By the time we left Huntly it was 9.30am. On the way we visited 1 park just to stretch our legs. Then we didn’t stop driving for at least 2 and a half hours. The next park we went to we had lunch I had a couple of sandwich’s. A20160818_174653[1]fter that we just drove and drove till I started getting hungry that was about 3 hours, we pulled over to have a little snack and of cause we stoped at a park again but t20160818_174020[1]his park was way more fun then the others.


From there we kept going an hour later we crossed the boarder to New South Wales. It was dark by then mum booked us a room in the Ibis Motel. We got to Ibis but we didn’t find the motel it took about 10mins to find it. That was about 8.00pm before we got our bags in our room. I got the top bunk.

Number Coding

A/1, B/2, C/3, D/4, E/5, F/6, G/7, H/8, I/9, J/10, K/11, L/12, M/13, N/14, O/15, P/16, Q/17, R/18, S/19, T/20, U/21, V/22, W/23, X/24, Y/25, Z/16.

Now try and answer these questions. Try and figure out the coding some will just be the word so you have to figure out the numbers.

1: 9, 14, 19, 16, 9, 18, 5.

2: 20, 9, 13, 5.

3: 1, 21, 19, 20, 18, 1, 12, 9, 1, 14.

4: microwave.

5: 3, 15, 13, 16, 21, 20, 5, 18.

6: champion.

7: 1, 3, 20, 9, 15, 14.

8: 8, 1, 5, 4, 16, 8. 15, 14, 5, 19.

Please comment and submit your answers.

Mr O’Toole’s class Olympics

For the past week or two my class as been doing a mini Olympics. The teams are yellow Jamaica, Red America and blue Australia. The winning team so far is Jamaica. Today we did five events were Archery, Gymnastics, Shot put, High jump and 200m relay. Archery was just aiming a tennis ball at a target but it was till fun. Jamaica got four golds and one silver, America won the other gold. Over all the day was fun.

100 word challenge week 5#

Rio 2016 Olympic games Men’s Water polo Australia vs Brazil.

Brazil 11

Australia 9

“The crowd goes wild as Australia score another goal” said bob.

” There playing well” said Trio

As Australia play hard to win the games about to end 20 seconds to go they try hard 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 but Australia loses to Brazil. They tried but not hard enough.

7 hours later

At night the genater was cleaning up the pool side getting ready for tomorrow’s game. Then he really needed to pee he could not hold it in he pee in the pool as he stared it began to turn green. WHOOPS.

The End

100 word challenge week 3

Hi I’m bugs bunny, I’m here to tell you about a dumb duck named Daffy Duck. Is an ediot and a stupid duck. The only things I know about him is what I just told you and besides how an I men’t to know anything about this stupid duck. So here’s how I feel about him I don’t like him on bit so Daffy Duck I hope to “not” see you again. So I’m bugs bunny your guide/host to tell you about Daffy Duck. I hope you like my speech about the dumb duck hope you enjoyed.


Thats All Folks