Driving to Queensland- Day 1




Today we started driving to Queensland. In the morning we had to leave at 8.ooam but we didn’t because I didn’t  get out of bed till 9.00am. By the time we left Huntly it was 9.30am. On the way we visited 1 park just to stretch our legs. Then we didn’t stop driving for at least 2 and a half hours. The next park we went to we had lunch I had a couple of sandwich’s. A20160818_174653[1]fter that we just drove and drove till I started getting hungry that was about 3 hours, we pulled over to have a little snack and of cause we stoped at a park again but t20160818_174020[1]his park was way more fun then the others.


From there we kept going an hour later we crossed the boarder to New South Wales. It was dark by then mum booked us a room in the Ibis Motel. We got to Ibis but we didn’t find the motel it took about 10mins to find it. That was about 8.00pm before we got our bags in our room. I got the top bunk.

12 thoughts on “Driving to Queensland- Day 1

    • Hi Ella
      No Jethro didn’t fight for the top bunk because you have to be 9 years or older to be on the top. Zander can’t read so he just climbed up and started to jump.

      From Ethan

  1. To Ethan
    Ho I like your trip so far. How is your trip so far it looks fun by the sounds of it. Where about’svare you in Queensland I stayed at Gold Coast.
    From James

    • Hi James
      I am liking my trip so far it’s really cool driving past the country side. My family and I are going to Currumbin.

      From Ethan

  2. Hi Ethan,
    That sounds really cool. I’ve been to Queensland before it’s really fun and exciting.
    What is it like over there?
    Is it really fun still?
    I wish you the best holiday ever.

    • Hi Skye
      It’s really awesome over near Queensland. I bet it is going to be fun and I can’t wait. Thanks for wishing me for a great holiday.

      From Ethan

  3. Hey Ethan.
    I hope you are having a fantastic time sitting in the car on your trip.
    Are you missing school?
    When you get back to school you won’t have to do any extra work.

    Are you still doing you home reading.

    From Jett

    • Hi Jett
      I’m having a great time sitting in the car. I’m missing school how was the shooting in P.E. Thanks I’m glad I don’t have to do extra work. I didn’t bring my reader diary but I bring some books to read.

      From Ethan

  4. To Ethan
    I liked the post and the parks you stopped at a lot of parks. I liked the jet on the pole and the big thing that squats out water into the lake. It’s cool and different that you are driving to Queensland it would be a good experience. How many hours dos it take to get there.
    From Judd

  5. Hi Ethan,
    It sounds like your having a really good time. Are you having a good time? What parks did you go to? How long did it take you to get to your Motel? Anyway, here at school you haven’t missed much except that we have read more of Wonder (We found out Jack Will didn’t mean what he said and Jack punched Julian in the mouth because Julian called Auggie “Freak”). We also finished our biographies and put them on the wall. Bi Ethan, hope the rest of the trip’s fun.

    -Jack .M

    • Hi Jack. M
      I’m having a great time in Queensland. I’m not shore what the parks were called but some were fun. To get to the Ibis motel it took at least 8-10 hours. In the book wonder I can’t believe Jake punched Julian in the face. Cool what did your biography look like?

      From Ethan

  6. Hi Judd
    Yeah we did stop at a lot of parks. The jet and the fountain were really cool. Driving to Queensland is a awesome experience and its really fun as well. Driving take’s 17 long hours which is what my mum said. I reckon it was fun.

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