At Queensland- Day 1- the Wedding

Today at Queensland my family woke up real early and at about 9 o’clockam me and Jethro wanted to go and hop in the pools. When we got there was a freezing pool a heated pool and a spa. When we got near the pools Zander threw a rock in the freezing pool so I had to go get it is also really deep. Once I got the rock out I hoped started into the heated pool. we were there for about an hour. After that all of my family had to get dressed when Jethro and I got dressed mum said we looked really cute for the wedding. Then we left we were sere post to get there at 2.00pm but we didn’t. I sore most of my cousins there.  About 15 mins after we arrived the ceremony began.  I was in the front row with my brothers. Paige and Jason then got married and that was the first wedding I ‘ve been to I think. The ceremony finished about an hour after it began. But when it finished I realised because I’m second cousins with Paige, Jason is now my second cousin is lar. When the kids got to go to the kids area the was a lolly bar were you take as many lollies as you won’t.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         There was also a bouncy castle and a popcorn man that gave you bags of popcorn. When the DJ started playing the music about an two hours after that I had my photo taken with Paige in it as well. There were also heaps of glow sticks. Then I went on the bus to the Motel with my Nan and Pa.

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