Driving to Queensland- Day 2




Today my family and I left the Ibis Motel to continue our journey to Queensland. We left at 9.30am and didn’t stop driving for 2-3 hours we stop at a town called Dubbo. My family found a milk bar and opposite that was an Op shop. We first went to the op shop and the owner said ” Did you know cotton comes from branches and is grown the way you see it.” After that my family went to the milk bar and got sausage rolls and pies I had a sausage roll but when I ate half of it I realised they weren’t that good. We then got lunch 2 hours after that we brought supplies from Coles and made sandwich’s and sat at a open field. Then we kept going for about 3 hours during that time we crossed the Queensland border. After a couple more hours we stop to wake our legs. Half an hour after that we left and kept driving for 5-6 hour non- stop. That was a bit boring because my computer died and Jethro’s iPad died as well. So that was a bring 5-6 hours. Then my family and I had dinner at red rooster. We then just drove to the Currumbin Motel. When we got there we sore our nan and pa near the gate to get in. Then we got our stuff and walked to our room were on the top floor with is really annoying were the pool in at the lower floor. We went into our room and placed our stuff. Me and Jethro are in a room together.

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