At Queensland- Day 2





Today was the day after the wedding I woke up at 7.30am even though the wedding went till 11.00pm. When we woke up we were going to go into the pool but had to leave because we have to be back home by Wednesday morning. But then dad got really sick and we had to stay till he was better. We went to my mums Auntie’s  room in the Motel. Because dad was sick we got to go to the pool after all. I did cannonballs and dive’s in the pool it was super fun. The problem was I had to do them in the freezing pool but it got fine after a couple of jumps.


We spend 5 hours at the pool area because mum’s auntie forgot to let us in the room. That was because we did not have a key to get in. When we got into the room dad was feeling heaps better so that was when we left the Motel. After that we had lunch at KFC. then we just kept driving until we got to Grafton, we stayed at the Glenwood caravan park.

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