About Me

Hi my name is Ethan.

I go to school at Huntly Primary School. I live in Huntly, I like where I live.

I have four brothers I live with two of my brothers. I am the middle child, the youngest brothers are 2 years and 7 year the oldest one are 20 years and 19 year I don’t live with the oldest ones I am 10 turning 11 in May.

My favourite subjects are PE, integrated studies, handwriting and technology. The things I like to play are Hand slam, soccer, cricket and bowling. I like my teacher Mr, O’Toole he is the best. I have been at the sense the start of the year. I am in grade 5.

I am in under 12’s cricket. I am trying to get in a new cricket team because my other cricket team was two hours away from where I live. On my last game I was the only one to stay in for an hour and that is the time we have to bat.


From Ethan