Mr O’Toole’s class Olympics

For the past week or two my class as been doing a mini Olympics. The teams are yellow Jamaica, Red America and blue Australia. The winning team so far is Jamaica. Today we did five events were Archery, Gymnastics, Shot put, High jump and 200m relay. Archery was just aiming a tennis ball at a target but it was till fun. Jamaica got four golds and one silver, America won the other gold. Over all the day was fun.

100 word challenge week 5#

Rio 2016 Olympic games Men’s Water polo Australia vs Brazil.

Brazil 11

Australia 9

“The crowd goes wild as Australia score another goal” said bob.

” There playing well” said Trio

As Australia play hard to win the games about to end 20 seconds to go they try hard 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 but Australia loses to Brazil. They tried but not hard enough.

7 hours later

At night the genater was cleaning up the pool side getting ready for tomorrow’s game. Then he really needed to pee he could not hold it in he pee in the pool as he stared it began to turn green. WHOOPS.

The End

100 word challenge week 3

Hi I’m bugs bunny, I’m here to tell you about a dumb duck named Daffy Duck. Is an ediot and a stupid duck. The only things I know about him is what I just told you and besides how an I men’t to know anything about this stupid duck. So here’s how I feel about him I don’t like him on bit so Daffy Duck I hope to “not” see you again. So I’m bugs bunny your guide/host to tell you about Daffy Duck. I hope you like my speech about the dumb duck hope you enjoyed.


Thats All Folks

Concussion Campaign summary

In the episode of btn it said that having a concussion cause brain damage and that kids have a higher chance of getting a concussion the adults. A concussion is were you get hit in the head and your vision starts to get dark and you may not know what you are doing. People have suggested wearing head gear but experts say that the kids might get to conferdent and get hit in the head a bit to many times and that could lead to serious brain damage.


100 word challenge special week

At purple town everything is purple. One day a purple fly was buzzing around in town. The fly was going to the ice arena to eat other people’s food the fly would do this every year when it was the year of ice skating. When the fly flew in there were ice skaters and everywere the fly was frightened because he might get squashed so the fly hoped on someone’s shoulder and he waited.

30 minutes later

The ice skaters finished skating so the fly went outside and the sunshine was so bright the fly could’nt handle it so he died


My school holidays

On my school holidays I went to Buxton for a week. I stayed at my Nan and my Pa’s house. In that week I went to a friends house like every day but the friend I most in joyed was James’s I had to sleep overs. On the second sleep over we walked to my friends Larissa and Jessie when we were over there we watched scary videos. When we got back to James’s we played the wii u for about an hour. Then we got to have hot chocolate and roast mushmallows, after that we got to chop wood for the fire I chopped at least 26 pieces of wood in halfs and quarters. It was the best sleep over. The next day I went to Brian’s we had fun we had a couple of Yu Gi Oh duels then we played some down ball outside. Then we had to go back to Bendigo just before school started again.

On Sunday

My family had my dads best friend over his name was Anthoney, he is a go kart racer so we went to go see him race. After that we went shopping I had $25 to spend with that I brought the wii game wii sports and a Dvd. When we finished that we had ice- cream. When we got home I started to play my wii game when I started to play my younger brother Jethro, wanted to play as well but I said I brought the game with my own money so I own the game. Then we had dinner I made snags for every one. Then I watched the movie.

That is all about my holiday.

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Our water cycle

Jack and I did a diorama together and our topic was a water cycle and if your wondering Jack is my friend. The water cycle had to evolve these topics, evaporation, condensation, presipation and collection. We had to make a diagram of how each one plays its part in the water cycle.image

Now I will tell you how it works. Well as the sun shines on water the water starts to get really hot and as it gets hot steam starts to rise, your probably wonder why you can’t see it well it is invisible. This is called evaporation. When the staem gets to high it stars to form into a cloud which then gets bigger and bigger and bigger. This is called condensation. As the cloud gets bigger it starts to get really heavy and you may think clouds are as soft as pillows but really the steam is to heavy. Then it starts to fall which is what we call rain. This is called presipation. Next after the rain as fallen it starts to collect in rivers, streams, lakes, oceans and even mountains. After this has happened the water cycle starts again. This is called collection. So that is the water cycle for yah. Hope you enjoyed.image



Dave nearly died that day

One night a man named Dave was sitting and watching TV gets up walk outside. Boom, Bang, Boom, Bang he hears gun shoots he runs back inside. Then he hears someone banging on his door he hides the man brakes in, looks around and shouts ” I know your hear show yourself our else,”

The man walks outside in the back yard, Dave gets out of his hiding spot runs to the door slams it, then the man comes running back inside running to the door release’s Dave has left in his car. The man then steals a car and drives after Dave because the man took the car of people who just got out of the car. Dave drives all the way to city center. Then the man smash’s the back of Dave car and it makes him swirl into the fish n’ chip store. The man finds Dave and says ” Do you have any last words, ”

“Yeah I do take this,” says Dave

Then Dave kicks the gun out of the man’s hand punches him in the face then drives away in the car the man stole. Dave drives fast like 120km fast he was speeding going so fast he was in the town Whyabie in 15 minutes. That minute Dave releases the man is only a couple metres away from him. Dave then looks forward and there is a a line of police Dave does a serious U-turn and so does the man. The man speeds up Dave then gets to the fish n’ chips store Dave jumps out of the car grabs the gun holds it at the man. After all that the police came and said  ” Drop the gun son” Dave drops the gun, kicks it over to the police and then says ” Arrest this man officer”

”Why don’t we arrest you”

”But this man is trying to kill me” said Dave

As soon as Dave finished saying that the man hopped in the car and drove away. The police went after the man and then Dave went home with some fish n’ chips. Dave didn’t know what happened to the man after that.

The End


100 word challenge week 23

Hi my name is Trent Iso and I’m seven years old my birthday is 26/10/2009. Today my mum is taking me to this play centre my mum says it is going to be awesome and I can’t wait for this. We have arrived . We walk inside and there are slides, jumping castles, video games, air hockey and much, much more. First I go on the jumping castle first it is so bouncy I start to do flips and I try to bounce higher then any one else Then I think I wish I could have everything I can see.

The End

Ivan and the two mysterious, glowing rocks

”Your mighty dragons breath is beastly,” said Sir Ivan

As Sir Ivan battled the mighty beast, he noticed a glowing light in the stone over the other side of the dragon. So he ran but the dragon’s tail wraps around Ivan’s right leg and tosses him all the way to the glowing light, he then released it was a mysterious rock, then he was blasted away getting the power of a giant sea dragon. Sir Ivan blasted the mighty beast with a gigantic tsunami of water. The dragon falls to his feat trying to get up, but before the beast even gets a chance to move, boom there comes another tsunami and then Sir Ivan praise’s with victory! As Sir Ivan hops on his horse and starts trotting along to the kingdom of ZaHa with the guidance of Sir Ivan. As Ivan and the horse arrive at the kingdom of ZaHa the king calls for Sir Ivan, as soon as Ivan gets to the king and takes a bow he says ” Your ledge how can I be of service to thee”

”I want you to go to the cave of Royal Ledge’s and find a mysterious glowing rock,” commends the king

” You mean like this one,” Ivan says

” Yes but I need the one for the midnight dragon not the sea dragon,” commends the king

So Sir Ivan calls his horse hops on and gallops away to the cave of Royal Ledge’s. On the way there Ivan noticed there was a dragon, but this was not any old dragon this was the dragon that killed the former king and most of his men. So Ivan gets the mysterious glowing rock and gets the power of a sea dragon he gets of his horse walks to the dragon and shouts ” YOU ROUTHLESS FIRE BREATHING LIZARD,”

The dragon lets out a huge blast of fire Sir Ivan puts up his shield runs at the dragon gets his sword out and cuts off one of the dragons wings. The beast lets out a huge cri and falls on the ground. So Ivan walks away calls for his horse and jumps on him and rides to the cave of Royal Ledge’s. Ivan finds the cave and walks in and there sleeping was a midnight dragon Sir Ivan walks around the dragon and noticed the glowing light he walks to the light, but Ivan stepped on a stick and woke the midnight dragon. Sir Ivan quickly got the rock and ran for his horse, jumps on him and gollops as fast as Ivan’s horse will go they make it away because the midnight dragon can’t stand sun light. When Ivan and his horse got to the kingdom of ZaHa the king walk up and said ” Good job Ivan you got the midnight dragon rock”

” Your ledge I do what ever you commend,” said Ivan in a happy voice

” Well go to the under water beds and swim 100 metres,” commend the king

” OK,” said Ivan

” I’m just kidding go take are rest you have had a big day,” said the king in a excited and happy voice

The End